16 July: Slovenia really takes our hearts

Author: Mrs A

Location: Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

We left Ljubljana early to drive the 90 minutes up to Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s largest permanent lake, in the hope we might be able to find a lakeside campsite for a couple of nights. There is one campground beside the lake, and they had told us to be there early to find a spot as they didn’t take bookings.

Our first view of Lake Bohinj – mirror-still in the early morning

On arrival we found a chaotic jumble of tents, campers and motor homes camped and parked up everywhere and anywhere, no set sites or organisation whatsoever. Most were parked within just half a metre of each other on muddy patches. Oh, but they were close to the water. Definitely not our type of camping., no matter how beautiful the lake is.

We abandoned that thought and found an alternative camp at Camp Danica in Bohinjsko Bistrica – further away from Bohinj but on a picturesque river and off road cycleway leading to the lake.

We got set up with almost no incident. Usually it is Mr A who is the clumsy one, but today it was me. I managed to trip over an unexpected guy rope on the campground. It sent me flying and now I have a suspected broken toe…perhaps two! Either way my left foot is not in a state for walking with two purple puffy toes. Hopefully they’re just badly bruised and my hobble will reduce with time (I will withhold photos – they can be shared on request if desired!).

I dosed up on anti-inflammatory tablets and we jumped on the bikes to ride…it didn’t hurt too much as long as I didn’t pedal with my left foot or step down…again – thank goodness for e-bikes!

It is hard for photos to do it justice as we ride through the valley surrounded by mountains

And what a ride! The path wound through beautiful alpine meadows full of white, yellow and mauve flowers of every variety, surrounded by the most gorgeous mountains of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park.

Meadows full of flowers, butterflies and the hum of insects
The Bohinjsko River which leads from the lake
Bohinj’s 700 year old St John the Baptist Church is visible for miles around

For most of the ride we followed the crystal clear Bohinjsko River, watching groups of paddlers negotiate the small rapids and gravel races. We explored small villages, full of flower filled holiday accomodation intermingled with farmers. It was just magical.

Absolutely loving this ride!

The lake was icy cold when we dipped our feet in it, though there were a few brave people in for a swim, not us…it did my toes some good though!

The lake – not as mirror perfect as first thing in the morning, but still beautiful
We followed a path part the way around the lake – stopped by a pile of boulders we couldn’t cross
Amazing colours in the shallows
Ah the serenity….

It was a beautiful ride – just over 35km (about 22 miles) all up, so we were ready for dinner on our return. In spite of an unexpected injury, a brilliant introduction to this area.

We rode 35km today – many more little lanes to explore another time too

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  1. We love Slovenia. Have you time to visit one of their many caves? Some are huge (and touristy) but we found one where we were given a miners hat and lamp and battery pack to explore!

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