15 July: Ljubljana – a pocket sized slice of city gorgeousness

Author: Mr A

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

We found a place to park Truffy and wandered into Slovenia’s capital city – all very easy as it’s so dinky! The vibe was just so good.

We climbed up to its centrepiece, the magnificent castle.

Our first sight of the castle walls as we climb up
Mrs A relishing every single easy breath
Looking down to where we started…great views all the way

We did the whole Ljubljana Castle tour with audio sets and it was so worth it. From the unique artefacts showcased in the museum (including a 5,000 year old Celtic vase), to the description of its turbulent history as it suffered the onslaught of the mighty Ottoman Empire – at one stage only 100 miles from its doorstep, to the beautiful entertaining spaces that have been created inside the old castle walls and are a hub for modern day culture in Slovenia.

An art exhibition space in what used to be artiilery storage
Restored rooms with colourful stories
On climbing to the highest tower, amazing views over the city and beyond
Looking into the castle grounds
You can see a third of Slovenia from the top of this tower
Spiral staircases – wisely providing separate staircases for up and down
Now that’s what I call a wine fridge…or two…

Really the only parts of its history not covered was that during the Second World World War it served as an Italian prison (was that a deliberate omission? I don’t really understand the unwritten rules around what’s not spoken about in a tourist context). Then right up until the 1960s the castle was used as overspill city housing for the poor.

Imagine calling this your home…
One solid building

A short ride down on the funicular railway and it was time for lunch. We seem to have slipped unconsciously into that Mediterranean pattern of no breakfast (well we substitute tea for their coffee), then lunch as our main meal and a snack at night. I think Catherine’s missing her creative time in the kitchen!

Water is a key feature in the city with the Ljubljanica River forking off and looping around, creating an island
Our seafood restaurant with a view
A tasty Chardonnay for Mrs A – we are rather appreciating Slovenian wine after the desert of Croatia

We had a lovely meal by the river at a fish cafe, then wandered around the lovely streets filled with interesting shops, cyclists and happy smiley folk! What a great vibe…a city we would call at first glance like this very liveable.

A colourful city
Bustling with outdoor dining

In fact it’s the most likeable capital city we have seen so far on our travel based on our criteria – easy to get around by bike, waterways and green spaces everywhere, loads of food and wine choice, easy access to the mountains.

At just over 20,000 square kilometres, the country of Slovenia is a good deal smaller than Australia’s largest cattle station (Anna Creek in South Australia at 23,600km²), so its major tourist attractions are apparently heaving …we will find out tomorrow!

We capped off the day with a sunset cycle
The bridge of dragons
Dragons do indeed live here…

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  1. Gemma and I adored it. No cars. A dear little electric train picked us up at the city’s perimeter, and took us to our hotel. So cheap too.
    I must go back there!

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