13-20 October: An extremely busy week

Author: Mrs A

Location: Sydney, Australia

I can hardly believe we have been back in our home a single week, so much has happened!

As well as unpacking the caravan, restoring our bits and pieces into the house and restocking food supplies, we also took seven sacks of donations up the the nearby St Vincent do Paul Charity shop. It’s incredible how living in a space not much larger than your kitchen can refocus the mind, making you realise all the things you don’t need after all. It also helped that many of the clothes and shoes we gave away had been locked up for the past 18 months and we didn’t miss them. It is far better they’re used by someone who will appreciate them.

We managed to fit a few walks down to our local beach for some fresh air and to stretch the legs.This week was also about medical visits. I had a few tests and saw a doctor about my sore foot – he believes my issues are not neuroma after all, but torn ligaments around my toe – something that can take about 18 months to heal, but can be helped with an orthotic insert. Excellent! I had been fearing surgery was my next step (so to say!).

Mr A saw his eye surgeon for extensive field tests to check out his glaucoma and again heard positive news there, with no decline in his vision, fabulous news.

And I was in hospital for an operation on my airway. I’m starting a new procedure with a new surgeon and hope my idiopathic subglottic stenosis can be kept at bay so more unhindered fun can be had in the great outdoors in the coming months.

Recovery from that op has been slowed by both Mr A and I catching colds – not ideal after surgery, but probably inevitable, and only a cold after all. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger so they say!

In addition to charity donations this week, we have been sorting out some things to sell. First of all my artwork. You probably have noticed I enjoy putting paint to paper on the odd occasion, and in the past have done a few exhibitions. No time for that right now, so I’m listing everything for sale here and on my Facebook page. If there is anything that interests you, let me know!There will be a few eBay/GumTree sales coming up too – a few household items, plus our packrafts and Mr A’s single kayak. So lots of work ahead.Miss Tassie has been enjoying having a wide choice of sunny spots to stretch out in, and has settled in nicely to being back in the house for the time being.

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