4 November: Escape to the bush

Author: Mrs A

Location: Sydney, Australia

Since our last post we have been really busy – sorting out our house, choosing which furniture to keep and store, and which to sell or donate to charity, interjected with occasional frenzied cleaning and tidying in order to present our home as a show house to tempt future tenants in. All this activity has been interjected with some great catch ups with friends.

Today, we finally allowed ourselves a bit of a break. We headed up to our favourite Sunday Food Market in Frenchs Forest first thing, treating ourselves to Japanese pancakes for breakfast and topping up our vegetable supplies.

From there we headed down to Garigal National Park, where we did a great 8.5km hike. Just 20 minutes from home, it was a fabulous reminder of the lovely scenery here on our doorstep in Sydney.It was great to be back out amongst the gum trees, the beautiful scents of the Australian bush reminding us what all our hard work the past few weeks has been about.Kookaburras flew across our path, and up in the trees there were the constant squarks of sulpha crested cockatoos and the calls of the eastern whip birds and superb fairy wrens.There was a bit of climbing involved, and I felt so grateful to be breathing easily again – the first real test since my surgery a few weeks ago.We followed the pretty Carroll Creek, winding alongside Sydney sandstone.

Before we reached the car on our return leg, we’d spotted more wildlife including a gorgeous chocolate brown bush wallaby and a rarely seen echidna.Getting out there amongst nature definitely relieved some of the stress of the past few weeks, and we are determined to do more of it.

We have more busy times ahead, with the task of packing to get started on and this week choosing where to store our furniture long term.

More adventures are definitely in our future, and the big task of emptying our house is our first step along that next journey. Hopefully you’ll continue to join us along the way!

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