9-12 October: Returning down under…

Author: Mrs A

Location: Sydney, Australia

Wednesday: We finally stepped out of Sydney International Airport into a gloomy grey spring day, drizzle in the air and a chilly southerly breeze blowing. It was around 7.30am, yet our lovely friend Jenny was there to pick us up, breathing sunshine into our morning.

Before long we were back at her apartment and the kettle was on – yes, US folk, an electric kettle. You can’t beat a nice cup of tea after 29 hours of travelling!

The drizzle progressed into torrential rain and throughout the day we did all our washing and drying with a short afternoon nap. We needed to get ourselves rebooted ready for a jovial evening.

Jenny and David had invited mutual friends, Colin and Di over for dinner. We last saw Colin and Di on our travels through Provence a couple of years ago, where we spent a fun weekend in their gorgeous French villa helping to celebrate Colin’s birthday and eating and drinking fine food (for a change, ha ha!).

It was a fun catch up with lots of laughter – keeping us awake til after midnight and staving off the jet lag…or so we hoped.

Friday: Another wet and gloomy day where jet lag provided another early awakening. During the morning a friend called to let us know our friend Eric had been taken into hospital on Tuesday for surgery to remove a tumour. It turned out the hospital is just 20 minutes drive away from where we were staying with Jenny and David. It’s funny how fate intervenes.

We jumped in the car and paid Eric a visit. It was great to see him in such good spirits despite what must have been a painful procedure, and we had a good chat and laugh with him, and are hopeful the surgeons have been successful in removing all the cancer.We finished off our day with another meal at Jenny and David’s local family owned Italian restaurant – more delicious food concluding with a Limoncello (two each for the boys!), in that great Italian tradition. Cheers!As much as we have loved our time with Jenny and David, we’re hopeful our house will be ready for us to move back in tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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