29 September: …when the day starts with a Bloody Mary…

Author: Mrs A

Location: Cicero, Indiana, USA

Saturday: The first sight we were greeted with was a row of Bloody Mary cocktails lined up on the kitchen bench, which we sipped on as Tom cooked up his favourite southern breakfast of ‘biscuits and gravy’.It turns out the ‘biscuits’ are savoury dough circles baked in the oven, while on the stove top a mixture of sausage meat, flour and milk are cooked up. This is served with hot-pepper sauce and is surprisingly delicious!After all this endless decadence, we decided we should go for a paddle on the lake (Morse Reservoir) and up to one of two water sources.Tom’s boat was much longer and sleeker than ours and he was soon but a speck in the distance as Mark and I explored the shoreline. We spotted a bald eagle circling above, a red squirrel scurrying along the branches and cute little chipmunks hunting for snacks.We eventually caught up with him and continued our exploration up the shallower areas, where Little Cicero Creek enters the lake, home to herons and turtles among other creatures.Eight kilometres under paddle later, we returned to warm up in the garden jacuzzi, with our second cocktail for the day. This time Carol whipped us up lemon, lime and ginger beer with vodka – A Moscow Mule – delicious and served in ice cold metal mugs which fit perfectly in the drink holders!A delicious dinner of marinated pork loin, pumpkin risotto and fresh salad, served with some very tasty wines followed, and the evening finished with much laughter over darts and a board game. Awesome fun!

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