28 September: Kicking off in Cicero!

Author: Mr A

Location: Cicero, Indiana, USA

Friday: “Cicero? Where the heck’s that?” You may well ask…we certainly did when we arranged to road trip from Chicago to Atlanta via some old friends who moved from Kentucky to deepest Indiana and the small town of Cicero. The drawcard being this amazing house on the edge of a lake.

Within minutes of arriving the cold beers are flowing, then the wine, then the martinis, then the bourbon! It may explain why when Tom went to take us out on their boat he saw it had drifted across the lake!Oh dear…would you take a boat trip with this guy? But we did …boat retrieved we were on our way across the lake. Music pumping, wine flowing, what a life. The night just unravelled from there!What a blast to see these guys again, Tom’s the brother I never had from another mother.I have no idea what we were laughing at half the time but this picture says it all.

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