Thursday 26 April: Ticking off tasks & a night out

Author: Mrs A

Location: Hervey Bay, Queensland

Dave from Battery World was over bright and early to fit our new AGM batteries in the caravan, and to confirm how many amps the new folding solar panel was pumping in. We’ve bought the solar panel discounted as a demonstration model, so it had a little wear and tear which he promised to fix up.

Other tasks were ticked off during the morning, new gas for the BBQ, some storage boxes, a new iPad charger, other bits and pieces. Mr A had a brief doctor’s visit and collected a parcel we had delivered to a post office in town.

The parcel was a replacement air pump for our Packrafts. Our original rechargeable pump had malfunctioned within warranty, and we had exchanged it while we were in Brisbane. Unfortunately Mr A didn’t notice until we went to use it (hours from Brisbane) that they’d provided the wrong one. Thankfully the guys at Anaconda had been very helpful, and sent out a new rechargeable pump to Hervey Bay for us, and will allow us to drop the incorrect one at the next store we stumble across, probably in Rockhampton.

We did a short 15km cycle along the mobility corridor – a paved pathway linking all the suburbs of Hervey Bay, all off road, some alongside main roads, but much running alongside parklands behind housing. We saw evidence of Hervey Bay’s ageing population with numerous elderly men whizzing their way along via mobility scooters. Most of them were also smoking as they went – I wondered whether this was a contributing cause of their predicament. At least they’re not trapped at home I suppose.

After showers, we dug out our fancy clothes from under the bed and strolled down to Coast, one of Hervey Bay’s top restaurants. It had been highly recommended by my hairdresser on Monday, as well as being #1 on TripAdvisor.We chose an interesting wine from the Eden Valley, absolutely delicious, and recommended by our sommelier who clearly knew her stuff. The Alejandro Saperavi was initially fruity on the palate but had a lovely dry finish, complimenting our menu choices perfectly.Our food commmenced with bite sized steamed buns containing fried chicken, sriracha mayonnaise and pickles, followed by a shared dish of fresh locally caught snapper with beetroot, apple, raddish, smoked almonds and pork scratching. Finally we shared a small portion of sticky beef short ribs with coconut and ginger caramel. All this came with two sides – triple cooked fat cut chips with a rosemary aoli and pan fried broccoli topped with chilli, garlic and anchovy oil. All dairy-free! Delicious, every bite.

Mr A concluded this feast with pumpkin cheesecake, honey spiced milk gelato and candied walnuts while I enjoyed a palate cleansing scoop of blood orange sorbet.

We stumbled home, had a great chat and giggle with some friends in Sydney over FaceTime (we have pretty good wifi in this park!) before falling into a blissful food coma for the night!

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