Friday 27 & Saturday 28 April: Goodbye Hervey Bay and hello Woodgate Beach

Author: Mr A


Our last day in Hervey Bay, we decided we should at least take a look around the surrounding area as we hadn’t left the town. We drove up the coast to the picturesque (well relatively so by Australian standards) fishing settlement of Burrum Heads. Mainly holiday rentals and a caravan park, the river was pretty broad and would have been fun to explore if we had our big kayak with us. The brisk southerly that had blown up meant getting the packrafts out would have been a struggle.


It was time pack up and head up the coast, actually as the crow flies just the other side of the river, but we had to do a big circuit inland to get there as there was no bridge across. Oh to have an amphibious rig. I did Google “amphibious motorhome” the other day and its quite amazing what’s out there already. If you have the money of course.

But back in the real world, by lunch time we were pulling up at the Woodgate Hotel. We had heard good things about the spot from a fellow Zoner so thought we would give it a try. The small campground behind the pub was really well laid out. Power and water all nice and convenient, and a brand new shower and toilet block. We decided to put up the fly screen tent, not that the flies were about, just to give us some extra space and a bit of a novelty.After a lovely salad for lunch, it was time for a read for me, quickly followed by a nap, I’d had another 5am wake up this morning.

Our usual bike explore was called for, along the path by the beach. A beach that actually scored in the top 10 “best Australia beaches”. It did look pretty lovely, even with the fresh southerly still blowing up the normally calm waters of the bay into white caps.There are some pretty swanky houses here, a mix of holiday rentals and retirees we would guess by the demographic of the residents we saw.Just over 10km. under our belts, Ms Tasmania decided to take a pre-dinner stroll – returning at full gallop to the “safe Zone” once the magpies and minor birds had spotted her and let their feelings known shouting “Cat! Cat! Cat!” (or so it sounds like to us!).For dinner we decided to test out the pub’s very predictable menu. We shared a plate of oysters. I asked where they were from which threw the kitchen into a hubub – apparently no one has asked that before. For main Mrs A had a nicely done Red Emperor with chips and salad, and I had the locally caught Barra. Very nice…even though the pub has all the atmosphere of a bus shelter. Nothing unusual about that of course – situation normal in Australia.

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