Wednesday 25 April: Anzac Day in the Bay

Author: Mr A

Location: Hervey Bay

Last night I had gone to bed thinking “I really should get up and go to the dawn service, that means a 4.50 wake up”, but drifted off without setting the alarm. At 4.50am precisely I woke up – I took it as a sign to get my bum out of bed and on the bike. Mrs A stirred and decided to come as well – excellent.

It was a dark ride down to to the park where the service would take place and we were running late, so again fate intervened and we arrived just as the first strains of the Last Post cut across the waking calls of the noisy rainbow lorikeets waking up for another day. I am ashamed to admit this is our first dawn service. Something has always got in the way, but not this time. I’m glad we went.It was a little window into life in Hervey Bay. It’s an economy based on whale watching tourism, although the biggest employment sector is healthcare. Perhaps this is reflective of what seems to be an older demographic. The town is experiencing a significant population boom, and is one of the top 10 fastest growing areas in Australia. Let’s hope there are jobs for those who want them.The rest of the day was spent pottering along the bay on our bikes, and a little siesta went down a treat. We are really enjoying the quiet pace of life in this friendly little town.

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