Tuesday 24 April – An expensive day in Hervey Bay

Author: Mrs A

Location: Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast, Queensland

Distance cycled: 22.25km

It was a perfect washing day, so that’s how our morning commenced, ticking off blankets, towels and sheets which needed their weekly freshen up. Mr A dropped off the car at Battery World so they could do an in depth investigation into why it was not charging the caravan properly. A staff member dropped him back at the caravan park and we prepared for a bike ride exploration of Hervey Bay.

An off-road cycleway follows the coast for several kilometres, commencing at Urandangi Pier to the south and leading to Point Vernon in the north. We’re staying in a suburb called Torquay (now where have I heard that name before?!) so we started there and headed north. It’s the first time in a long while (since South Australia) that we have seen flat water along the coast, the islands and reefs offshore calming the waves. The beaches are pristine and empty – it’s like a little paradise, a long way from the Hervey Bay I remember. I first visited this town 19 years ago as a backpacker – it has changed substantially since then, becoming more of a destination in its own right than just a hopping off point for Fraser Island.The pathway winds its way along the coast through picturesque scenery, through parklands and bush, along cliff tops and past mangroves. We had a small diversion to a bike shop on our way so Mr A could check out a strange clicking sound on his bike. The bearings had worn down and needed replacing. He later found someone to do the job on the spot for $55, for a 45 minute job. Certainly not Sydney prices!The expensive part of the day came later in the afternoon – our faulty plug and under-spec wiring in the car was replaced, we had to purchase three new batteries for the caravan (replacing the ones which had been damaged and no longer held a full charge), and a 160 watt portable solar panel…more than $2k in total spent – gulp! At least we are back on track again for getting off the grid without sleepless nights worrying whether our fridge will still be running in the morning.

Miss Tassie had a good explore of the caravan park this afternoon, her favourite locations tending to be my least – ie the dusty, dirty areas behind and under cabins, apparently all smelling intriguingly of mice and lizards. A sunny supervisory spot on a cushion was her preferred place of rest, as Mr A and I ran around servicing her needs and cleaning her palace. Oh what a life it would be to reincarnate as our blue Burmese Princess!

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