Tuesday 17 April – Back to the mothership

Author: Mr A

Location: Cooroibah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

It was time to tear ourselves away from the hospitality of our friends Ray and Wendy and head back to the Zone, which had been stored up the road on a small campsite we had stayed at before the weekend.

But firstly there was the serious business of some brekky and deli food shopping at our favourite spot… Belmondo’s. This place stocks some seriously good food, even by Noosa standards. It all comes at a suitably high price of course, but at least you feel you are buying something special. I mean just look at these breakfast tacos! My excuse is it did sort of explode on me, oh and it was a “Miserable Monday” fasting day yesterday!Next door to the deli is Eumundi meats, an equally amazing treasure trove of some of the finest, and most expensive, meat goods I have ever seen. Tiny pieces of silverside enough for one at $35. We “just” brought some nitrate free bacon and organic pork sausages that had combined price ticket about the same as our weekly bill at Woolies! I’ve only just learnt about nitrates and why they should be avoided (if you can afford to). I can see why health and life expectancy is so clearly correlated with income. We spent $125 on breakfast, a few veggies and enough meat for a decent fry up. Blimey…

A few minutes drive up the road on the outskirts of Noosa and we were at our little oasis. A hectic few hours of sorting out the car and van and we were in Zone bliss again. The local farm chickens paid us a visit, much to Tassie’s consternation. This is a great place to come and escape Noosa’s pace. We have power, water, brand new toilet, shower, even a firepit and wood! All for $25 a night. Check on WikiCamps for Noosa Acreage Private Stays, then text the owner, Reon, on 0498 141118. He is full of useful tips for what to do around the area, a top bloke. It’s very low key, no website or anything, I think he enjoys chatting to the travellers as much as anything. I wish all our camps were as well kept and inviting as this one. I’d put it in our top 10 sites of the whole trip around Australia, and that’s a big call, as we’ve had some crackers.

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