Monday 16 April – Treated like royalty in Noosa

Author: Mrs A

Location: Noosaville, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Another sunny day dawned in Noosa, the mercury climbing up to the early 30s, cooled by the ocean breezes, dancing their way across the river to our hosts’ apartment. We could definitely see ourselves living here, the lifestyle is very appealing.

Ray was determined to help encourage these thoughts, and after we had joined him and Wendy in a dawn swim and herbal tea in Noosa, kindly dropped us by boat to the beach near the famous Hastings Street shopping precinct. We love that there is peace and quiet, just the gentle lapping of the water and sound of the birds, so close to the hustle and bustle of the shops and restaurants.As we ambled down the street, checking out clothing stores, art galleries and jewellery shops, we watched people sitting outside busy restaurants with glasses of rosé, people watching. It so reminded us of Provence, except everyone speaks English and they accept Aussie dollars!

We mostly window shopped, tried on the odd thing or two but didn’t really purchase anything. Before long we got a call from Wendy letting us know that the chariot was returning to collect us, and would we like our towels and swimmers brought along so we could have a dip! Does life get any better than this?!

After a swim near the river mouth, Ray took us on a cruise around Noosa Head’s canals, past the multi million dollar mansions with water frontage and private boat moorings. So fascinating, and across the other side of the river, Noosa National Park, where we could see black kites nesting close to pied and great cormorants. Nature is never far away, and I believe a solid part of the planning for Noosa, to not let construction overtake the natural attraction of the area.A relaxed afternoon continued, with Mr A heading out on his bike to try and find some swimming goggles (a failed mission).We had a quiet evening, alcohol free with a vegetarian dinner shared with all. It was a fasting day, after all! We are so grateful to Wendy and Ray for their friendship and kindness over the past few days, we didn’t know them that well when we arrived last Thursday afternoon, but certainly now hope we have them as friends and soul mates for life.

Back to the caravan tomorrow, next time we’re in a boat it will be an inflatable Packraft!

2 Replies to “Monday 16 April – Treated like royalty in Noosa”

  1. I remember my 8 months around Noosaville very fondly. It is a great area with everything you want in terms of lifestyle. We were on the verge of moving there – I even found a fabulous house that I still think about. But we end up decamping to Provence. No regrets. There are endless things to do here. Even after nearly seven years there is still much to explore in the local area. I miss the wildlife around Noosaville the most. If I ever do returnto live in Oz Noosaville would be probably the spot. Hope the sun keeps shining.

    1. Yes, Ray mentioned you lived up in Doonan – we have other friends there too. So much choice and so many options out there – a lot of world to explore. Your life in France is not too bad after all, we love how you travel and make the most of your location, and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Provence. We’ve remembered our time with you and Colin frequently over the past weekend – I hope your ears have been burning!

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