Saturday 14 April: Koala spotting before breakfast

Author: Mrs A

Location: Noosa, Queensland

The day began bright and early, driving down to Noosa’s Main Beach and heading off on a walk along the coast through the National Park. It was around 6.30am as we set off on our walk, and it was already busy with people, plenty of runners following their favourite route.

Wendy, Mr A and I were only a short way into our walk when we spotted a cute koala up a paperbark gumtree beside the track, looking a little perplexed that his morning nap had been disturbed by the masses.The walk continued along the coast, with a lookout at Dolphin Point (but no dolphins this morning), giving us a view up the coast towards Fraser Island.We were rewarded with fabulous views as we went, our walk concluding at Hell’s Gates, which promised Ospreys but failed to deliver!We strolled back along the coast to Main Beach, where Wendy and I threw ourselves into the water for a refreshing dip and jump in the waves, a fabulous treat after our warm walk. Mr A declined, and instead joined Ray for a coffee at his favourite café.Back at the ranch, we enjoyed a delicious scrambled egg breakfast outside on the balcony. We could definitely get used to this life, and Miss Tassie quite enjoys it too – she’s so adaptable!A relaxed afternoon followed and the day concluded with a delicious meal, for which we were joined by Chris and Sue. The goal of this meal was to use up all the food left in the fridge, in preparation for the farmer’s market tomorrow morning. The fun is never ending!

We even had an afternoon rain storm which cleared just in time to give us a fabulous sunset and a clear starlit night. We love having this view of the river, it changes frequently and is always seductive.

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