Thursday 12 April – Joyful in Noosa

Author: Mrs A

Location: Noosaville, Queensland

We moved our caravan to its $5 storage location across the site and packed up our little suitcases ready to stay with friends in Noosaville, still on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

We arrived just after noon, and after a few trips up and down the stairs transporting all our stuff (of course it looked like we were staying for several months, given we had Tassie’s bits and pieces too) we settled down on the balcony for a cup of tea and a home made dairy-free, gluten-free treat prepared by Wendy.

Tassie gradually settled in, after several explores of the apartment decided it was D.O.G. free enough to relax and settled down on our bed for a well deserved rest, as per usual.

After a tasty lunch and a bit of grocery shopping in town, it was back to prepare for a trip out on the boat. Ray and Wendy’s granddaughter Charlie is also staying with them at the moment, and Wendy’s former brother in-law Chris, and his wife Sue, are dog sitting two apartments down. It’s all a very holiday atmosphere!

Mr A and Ray went to collect the boat, and cruised on round to the apartment’s private wharf to collect us all, and off we went on the Noosa River for an explore, Charlie, Wendy and I sitting at the bow of the boat.Below: Charlie (Charlotte) took this of Wendy and IBelow: Chris and SueWe sped across the water, enjoying the fresh breeze that came with it.Charlie even helped skipper the boat, with the help of Ray of course.Reaching the other side of the river, we set off for a short walk across the dunes, watching jet skiers leaping over waves on the incoming tide at the river mouth. Ray and Charlie jumped in for a dip in the water. The rest of us stayed relatively dry, not quite feeling the need to swim and enjoying a glass of chilled Chardonnay as we watched them and the gradually setting sun.As we headed back to the apartment we diverted alongside the river bank where a beautiful White Bellied Sea-Eagle kindly posed for a few photos.Mr A and Ray returned the boat to its dock…I don’t think Mr A actually skippered, unless Ray hasn’t heard the stories yet…Following showers, a lovely evening ensued with a delicious chicken meal which had been cooking while we were out…wine was drunk, laughs were had, and geckos hunted (by Tassie, not us, though we did try to encourage them down off the ceiling so Tas could chase them!). Fabulous fun.

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