Sunday 11 February: A sumptuous banquet in Jamberoo

Author: Mrs A

Location: Around Berry and Jamberoo, NSW

Thank goodness I passed on breakfast and we did a good cycle this morning, for the afternoon held many delights.

The day started with Barb and Omar busy preparing for the SlowFood Saddleback fundraiser picnic we had been invited to join them on. It was all frenzied activity while home made hummus, Egyptian falafels, Tabouleh, baked Salmon Tarator, deconstructed salad and watermelon were all prepared…a veritable feast. Around 11am we all hopped on bikes to head off on a bike ride around some of the local country lanes in need of some pre-lunch calorie burning.

Barb and Omar took their beautiful wooden road bikes, while Mr A and I borrowed their new eBikes. We set off down their lane and turned left, along stunning gum tree lined roads, rolling green hills making up our views. As we began to go uphill, I realised I was being left behind and that my eBike was extremely quiet…I struggled along for a bit, but then had to stop, concluding that the 16.5kg bike was not turned on.

Mr A and Omar turned around and came back to find me, and we tried to work out what was happening. The very kind Mr A offered me his working eBike, and proceeded to have a super workout on mine, given he has a fully working airway and wouldn’t be Darth Vadering his way up the hills like me. Off we went, continuing on our journey. A working eBike was much more fun, and I whizzed up the hills with barely any effort. Mr A managed 7km before turning back for home, while the rest of us did about another 2 or so kilometres before we turned back.

After showers we headed off to Jambaroo, an area inland from Kiama. Omar drove and wound us through beautiful scenery up and up into the hills. Our destination was a property belonging to one of the leaders of SlowFood Saddleback, Saddleback being the uppermost ridge in the area.

The gathering was very well organised, with picnic benches provided in a field with beautiful views, and even a couple of porta-loos in the parking area – I was relieved, picturing having to crouch behind a gum tree if one’s bladder had needed emptying – very civilised! Out came Barb’s incredible food, accompanied by food prepared by her friend Julie, who was considering joining the group. Amazing dish after amazing dish came out – just delicious. We absolutely feasted, Mr A particularly munching on at least one piece of cake, but avoiding the glass of Riesling offered (because of the calories – ha ha!).

We rolled back to the car and returned to Barb and Omar’s for a cleansing cup of tea to help it all settle, all of us on the verge of very happy food comas. No dinner tonight required…just a relaxing evening before a low calorie Monday ahead.

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