Friday 9 Feb: Fat biking on 7-Mile Beach

Author: Mrs A

It was time to move on from Kiama, so we packed up, hitched up and drove off south down the coast. Our first destination was Black Head Reserve in Gerroa, where we were able to park up and enjoy breakfast with fabulous ocean views in every direction. The morning was overcast and somewhat hazy, the humidity high. From there we drove further south and towards Berry, where we pulled into our friends acreage and set up camp on their lawn.

Barb is an old friend I originally met at work – we’ve known her and Omar for about 17 years. They moved down to Berry several years ago and have a fabulous time on their property – currently with lawn mowing sheep, hens and lots of vegetables. Over the years they have also experimented with pigs, guinea fowl and a trout farm in their swimming pool. You never know what to expect when you arrive, other than a multitude of bikes, excellent fresh food and great conversation.

We were somewhat tied to the tide, so to say, and had no sooner arrived than were jumping on our bikes (I borrowed a fat bike) and riding the short way down from the house to the beach for a ride. The giant tyres on the bikes help you to plough your way across the sand for a ride – great fun.We returned for a fabulous salad of fresh produce from Barb and Omar’s garden and sheep cheese for lunch.

Tassie likes it here. We popped on her lead and she happily explored the garden, getting a fright when a giant hare leaped out of a bush in front of us and bounded off into a nearby field. Tassie’s first hare!

As the afternoon drew on we could hear thunder rumbling in the background and the sky grew dark. Mr A and Omar fitted up a light bar into Barb’s newly renovated kitchen, and we commenced preparations for the evening’s dinner. A particularly loud boom from the heavens and most of the power went off – notably in the kitchen. Not exactly ideal for dinner preparations. Barbara, cool as a cucumber, changed plans slightly and dinner went into a slow cooker plugged into a circuit powered by the Tesla battery, accompanied by rice in a rice cooker, and vegetables on the BBQ. Dinner solved!

Two other friends, Alan and Jo who live a short drive away on the other side of Berry, joined us for dinner – a fun evening ensued of wine, laughter and stories of goats. A great night and our first evening past midnight for the trip!

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