15 June – Mew-sings of a glamping cat

Author: Miss Tasmania (Princess, Blue Burmese, Adventure-feline)

Location: Far North Queensland

If you are not a fan of prose from my paw, then please feel free to skip reading this. The staff will be back on duty tomorrow.

I have not written for a while, it has been hectic. There have been days where I have managed less than 21 hours sleep – can you imagine?My staff have continued to escort me up the east coast of Australia, and I must admit some of the locations have not been too bad. I have not experienced species discrimination lately (yes, would you believe some camping areas allow those noisy, smelly canines but will not allow felines!), which is always a positive.

I do enjoy pulling up somewhere new and making an assessment as to whether the location is suitable for me. I sharpen my claws and bound down the steps to explore – no pro-cats-tinating for me.

When I am forced to leave somewhere I purr-ticularly like (one might say ‘claw-some), I have been known to punish the servants by dropping a special smelly gift into the litter tray while travelling. I enjoy their protests as they race to find somewhere suitable to park up and remove it.

My favourite locations are those with no canines, no other vehicles or people. Of course, that has been a challenge and one does have to compromise on occasion.

Recently it has all been quite tropical, and even the lizards seem too big for me to chase and don’t drop their tails.In addition to those big lizards, there has also been the occasional snake…they tend to make them rather large up here though – I still prefer to stalk a ribbon in the comfort of my safe-Zone.Right, time for another nap, so over and out for now.

Until the next time, stay paws-itively purr-fect (like me). ?

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