Sunday 21 April: Off to macadamia country

Author: Mrs A

Location: Kenilworth, Maleny and Bauple, Queensland

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny beside the river in Kenilworth, and after a quick bite of breakfast and brief pack up of the Zone, Mr A and I jumped in the car and drove over to Maleny. It’s just over 30 minutes drive away, through stunning rainforest lined winding roads, a popular route with motorcyclists and sports cars, of which we saw several. Once in Maleny, we shivered – it was about 5 degrees colder than Kenilworth, and we were about to enter the fromagerie, a refrigerated room as part of the Maleny Food Co.

Sheep cheese supplies replenished, we popped over the road to the marketplace, where permanent little food stalls offer delights such as Vegan pies and pastries, Indian street food, cheese and meat platters, and the food that caught our eye, freshly cooked Greek lamb souvlaki. Delicious!Lunch enjoyed, we picked up a few other supplies in town before heading back to Kenilworth, hitching up and saying goodbye to our fellow Zoners.

Our first stop north was the town of Gympie, which had an RV dump point and water supplies. Usually water was charged at $1 for 200 litres, but the pay machine was broken, and we filled up a tank for free.

Onwards then to the little settlement of Bauple. Most people, even locals, have not heard of this sleepy village, but we had been told about it at our last Zoner catch up in Moonee Beach.Bauple is the ancestral home of the macadamia nut, discovered thousands of years ago by local aboriginals. There is a little museum here, a petrol station and free wifi for the residents between 9am and 12pm. There are even clean toilets for campers open beside the museum, complete with green tree frog!It’s extremely peaceful and Miss Tassie enjoyed a d.o.g free stroll around the area during the afternoon. We camped for free in the RV rest area with a lovely view across the park towards the hills in the distance, not another soul seen.

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