Thursday 19 April – Riverside camping at Kenilworth

Author: Mr A

Location: Kenilworth, Queensland

It was a late morning departure from our camp at Coolibah, filling the water tanks in preparation for the upcoming off the grid camping at Kenilworth River Camp. We turned off the main road into the driveway and this view pointed the way to our base for the weekend. What a great recommendation from fellow Zoners Libby and Phil Clem.We chose a site on the lush banks of the Mary River, and then right behind us pulled up another Zone, it was Greg Nolan in his almost matching rig, the grey Landcruiser and shiny caravan, albeit a slightly longer one.

Catherine immediately spotted an Azure kingfisher perched on a post right in front of us, one of our favourite birds. Tassie then provided her endorsement by jumping out of the car and queuing at the Zone door ready to settle down for some much needed shut eye after her busy morning of sleeping in the car.

Phil Clem was due to arrive at lunch as he had thoughtfully organised to bring some gazebos and firewood, but sadly got an irreparable puncture and was delayed until late afternoon. However, once here he was his usual whirlwind of activity and we soon had gazebos up and firewood all stacked ready.

Plans were made for the four of us to head out kayaking in the morning, the river looked just too inviting not to as after all this rain it was flowing nicely. We cracked open some fine wine and enjoyed dinner under the stars before a peaceful night, lulled to sleep by the gentle flowing of water.

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