Friday-Monday 9-12 March: Ulladulla to Sydney

Author: Mrs A

Location: Ulladulla, Berry and Sydney

Friday was a big driving day as we left Merimbula and began heading north back to Sydney. Our destination for the night was Ulladulla, and the four hour drive felt like eight as Miss Tassie fidgeted and mewed for treats the whole way. As soon as we were unhitched on our bushy headland site we decided to explore, leaving Tassie to catch up on her 22 hours sleep!There was a lot of birdlife around our camp, with yellow robins, honeyeaters, fairy wrens, black cockatoos, wattle birds all flitting around. We climbed down to the beach and discovered pelicans, white bellied sea eagles and pied cormorants – a veritable sanctuary of feathered creatures.Our stay was brief, however, and the following morning we headed back on our way.

The next stop was back in Berry with our friends Barb and Omar. We parked up at the top of their property, treated to fantastic views over the district.That evening we enjoyed a delicious night out at the local Thai restaurant where other friends Alan and Jo joined us, entertaining us with stories of their goats and life on the farm.

Sunday morning we said farewell again and set off up the highway back to Sydney. We unhitched at Narabeen Lakeside caravan park (just a 20 minute drive from our home, should it not be rented). It feels quite strange to be so close to where we have lived for 14 years and yet be on fairly unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately they do not allow any pets on site, so we then drove Tassie to Hornsby to stay with her fur grandparents, Rosemary and Richard. She spent a few months with them last year, so it was lovely to see her settle comfortably in with them immediately – first jumping onto Richard’s lap for cuddles, then snuggling onto a cushion beside Rosemary. A busy day for all of us.

Today, Monday, I will not dwell on, but it was a very emotional day. We farewelled our friend Tim in a beautiful service at St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill, followed by food and drinks at the Woolwich Wharf Hotel. There were many tears shed, some laughs, and plenty of beautiful memories shared. We caught a taxi home, physically and emotionally drained for a quiet evening. I took a sunset walk up to the Narabeen Headland to clear my head, and to remind myself how fortunate we are to be amongst such beauty, with so much to live for.A lovely quote caught my eye on a bench at one of the lookouts, an apt thought to end the day on:

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their hearts and souls there is no such thing as separation. – Rumi

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