Day 157: 3 November – Into our fourth state of the trip

Author: Mrs A

From: Mundrabilla, Western Australia

To: Penong, South Australia

Distance driven: 485 km

It was an early departure this morning, the wind continuing to whistle and the skies grey overhead. The road didn’t change though – long and straight, stretching into the distance. It wasn’t too far after Eucla that we caught our first glimpse of the Southern Ocean again, at a very chilly lookout.

Hello Southern Ocean!!

We continued on, crossing over the border into South Australia. We celebrated with a photo before putting our watches forward by 2.5 hours…our body clocks are all over the place now!

We made it to SA!
Great sign! But we didn’t see any of the animals (except as roadkill).


It was a gusty drive, Mr A wrestling the steering wheel along the treeless plain.

Onwards on the dead straight road
Even Tassie is over the same-same scenery
Where is the next bend? Or hill?

The wind was even more challenging when one of these beasts (below) rushed past. Fortunately we worked out the road trains use channel 40 on the radio, so we now listen out for their arrival and have a brief chat before they overtake.

Road Trains stop for nobody


It was nearly 6pm South Australia time when we pulled up at our campground in Penong.


We decided to go for an explore. It’s a tiny settlement, with a store, a fuel station and a pub. Most of the houses are very run down, once beautiful gardens now very overgrown and neglected. Despite a feeling of poverty, there is also some investment here, with a new sports centre and skate park. It is also the site of the windmill museum.

We returned to cook dinner and relax while the sun set. Tomorrow we slow down again and begin to enjoy South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Next stop Streaky Bay (…I always think of bacon for some reason)…


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