Day 96: 2 September – Arriving in the big city

Author: Mr A

From: Cervantes

To: Roleystone, Perth

Distance: 231km

A short cruise down the coast had us arriving at the Pinnancles, an alien looking landscape of limestone rock formations protruding from the desert.

The origin of their unique structure is still unknown, and little work has been done to understand them. This trip has really underlined the incredible diversity of our landscape here, and how much of its formation remains lost in the 500 million years of its evolution. 

By mid afternoon we were entering our first city for three months. Closer to Jakarta than Sydney, the fact that we’ve driven here (the long way!) makes it all the more rewarding. We headed to the hills where we had arranged to visit friends of friends, Andy and Caroline. We watched the temperature drop on the Cruiser’s thermostat as we climbed up the tree lined roads. By the time we had arrived it was late afternoon and around 12 degrees! 

They had a fabulous roaring fire on the go and we settled down with a bottle of red to get to know each other. They have travelled over 64,000 km around Australia, yup that number is not a mistype. What an incredible journey, all written up in their blog ( It’s just wonderful for us to meet new people like this and get an insight into their lives. There was certainly a lot of common ground around how health issues focus the mind on living life to the full while we can.  

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