Day 88: 25 August – Back to the coast

Author: Mr A

From: Wooleen Station

To: Kalbarri

Distance: 415 km (220 km more than planned!)

Our final dawn at this station was shepherded in with a storm rumbling overhead, complete with rainbows. The raw beauty of this place just takes your breath away, and Catherine doesn’t have much breath to play with in the first place 🙂 

One last look down the stretch of the Murchison River that had shown us so many different moods in our few days here. 

We hitched up with our usual mixture of feelings when we find a special place. A bit sad to leave, knowing its very unlikely we will ever see this place again, and excitement for what’s ahead. We retraced oursteps to the Murchison Roadhouse. Now if anyone of you have occasion to refill the tank in these parts we can thoroughly recommend the place. Diesel at $1.29 a litre, cheap for this part of WA, spotless facilities, free Wifi that actually works and flowers in the garden! 

Ms Google was taking us to Mullewa, a tiny settlement that would break the otherwise long trip back to the coast. We arrived to find our unpowered site was on a hot, shadeless and dusty gravel car park across the road from any facilities in the main park…so we left in disgust. Why we should pay the local council $20s to stay in a car park I’m not entirely sure. A quick call to our next park and they were able to extend our stay to tonight…so off we roared. 

The most dramatic change in landscape occurred half way to to the coast. We went from the red dirt plains and acacia of the last few months up over a hill and this verdant scene opened up. Fields of yellow rape seed – our first cultivated non-grazing land since leaving northern NSW in early June. 

We arrived at our caravan park in Kalbarri pretty tired and quickly set up, heated up some pre-cooked yummy Spanish Mackerel  curry and flopped in front of the iPad for our nightly injection of Suits. 

One Reply to “Day 88: 25 August – Back to the coast”

  1. Are you ever actually coming back? mr and Mrs A.
    ry asbout tha.
    Feline has occasional dreams about a past life but we assuage them with cupboard love.

    Excreta happens, sorry about that.

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