5-6 September: Escaping the highway in Port Macquarie

Author: Mr A

Location: Port Macquarie, New South Wales

It was our last couple of nights of this trip in a caravan park and we chose a spot we had been to before on the coast at Port Macquarie. We managed to get in a 11km walk along the cliffs and beaches that seem to stretch endlessly in either direction from this buzzy little town.The sand was just so fine and white, almost felt like flour in your hand. We had a great lunch at a little surf cafe, and then settled in back at the Zone.

It was time to get our packing organised for the US trip next week. Thank goodness for the app Wunderlist that, since friends recommended it, has become our way of staying organised. It made things pretty straightforward as we had built up our packing and prep list for a while. We are on countdown now!

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