25-26 June: Hiking and biking around Atherton

Author: Mr A

Location: Atherton Tablelands

Monday: With yet another grey day looming we dragged ourselves out of the cosy Zone before we were tempted to cancel all activities and just veg out. We drove the sort distance down Herbeton, a small town with a strong history of mining. The town’s museum told the story of how tin had been dredged there until the 80’s. Mining doesn’t enthrall me but suitably educated we tackled one of the walks around the area. If only the clouds had lifted, which they did when we had finished, it would have been great views across the range.

Tuesday: The next day was yet another grey and drizzly start, and again we forced ourselves out, this time on the bikes. There’s a rail trail leading almost from the campsite into Atherton, so we slithered our way along that as the rain got harder. It was time to beat a tactical withdrawal to a coffee shop and pile some hot chocolates and cakes down us. Suitably fortified we decided to carry on as the rain had stopped.It was actually a great ride initially through a countryside of rolling hills, then we headed round a loop on some tarmac and back to base via a series of local mountain bike trails through the rainforest, ticking off just over 35km.A curry was called for after all that exertion, so our fellow Zoner Ken drove us into Atherton and we we finished our stay here with a great feed. We have really enjoyed the tablelands, apart from the weather, but tomorrow its time to head back down to the coast.

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