11 June: Port Douglas beckons us in

Author: Mr A

Location: Newell Beach and Port Douglas

A short drive back down the coast took us into the smart resort town of Port Douglas, where we were very quickly scouring the boutiques for Mrs A. She scored early with a fab long dress, that will be displayed at the next fine dining opportunity no doubt.

I won’t steal her thunder other than saying it’s a cracker. More minor successes followed, storage space is limited for clothes even in the Zone, so both our wardrobes are showing signs of wear. I’ve decided to continue with the worn and faded look. After years of spending far too much money on clothes I’ve now mostly given to Vinnies, I can’t bring myself to over indulge anymore.Mrs A picked up a few more things, then indulged in a chocolate sorbet – yes that is just chocolate, not rotten teeth!We found some locally grown tea and locally made chocolate, and I even caved and bought myself some new shorts – all in all a successful little foray into civilisation before moving north tomorrow.We returned to encourage a sleepy cat to go for a walk and to get started on packing up in preparation for moving on. After questionable first impressions, we are going to miss sleepy old Newell Beach.

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