26 & 27 May: Drawn to Magnetic Island

Author: Mr A

Location: Townsville & Magnetic Island

Saturday: Having seen the island looming off the coast for the last couple of days, its lure was irresistible. We caught the ferry over and decided to explore by e-bike. It’s pretty hilly and only has a few roads, the rest being national park, so e-bikes seemed the right choice for us.While organising the bikes at the shop the assistant pointed out a koala wandering along a neighbouring tree, a great start to the day!We headed off from Nelly Bay to find breakfast. We had been recommended a place in Arcadia called the Bikini Tree, and settled ourselves in. A salmon stack for madam and a baked egg dish for me, both cooked just right.Fortified we tackled some more big hills, which on an e-bike means just changing down gears and letting the 250 watt motor help you up. It’s great to see this form of transport really catching on globally, and for a hilly place like this they are ideal.

We locked up the bikes and headed up on a walk to explore some Second World War fortifications with amazing views across the island. Incredible to think that 40 ton cannons were dragged up here with a tractor.Interestingly, when we posted our trip visit on Facebook a friend commented that her great, great, grandmother was the first white woman to set foot on the island. There is evidence of aboriginal occupation since the last Ice Age, when this would have been just another group of hills joined to the mainland before sea levels rose.

We cycled as far as the road went, to Horseshoe Bay and a little stretch of cafes by the beautiful beach. More yummy foood was consumed, Catherine finding the best dairy free cake to touch her lovely lips, she claimed.A refreshing dip concluded the afternoon and all too soon it was time to head back to the mainland, tucking away some great memories of this little corner of Australia.

Sunday was market day in Townsville so we headed on down for a look. We love checking out the produce, and had been recommended this market by a couple we had met in Airlie Beach. We picked up some great fresh produce but were reminded how spoilt we are in Sydney by the great farmer’s markets we get down there.

Fresh fish and a few more groceries were purchased before an afternoon of cleaning the inside and outside of the van. Before long, 5pm rolled around, and it was time to share some Coffin Bay Oysters (we couldn’t resist them!) with our fellow Zoners for a farewell tipple.

It’s been great having friends nearby to share our experiences with, and we will miss Cathy and Gawain after we move on tomorrow, off to pastures and adventures new. Hopefully we will meet again some day.

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  1. Wow could taste the experience. How cool to see the Koala and the photographs really capture the essences of the place .. wonder if it’s one of your favourites ?

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