Sunday 13 May: A walk in the woods

Author: Mr A

Location: Eungella National Park, Queensland

Another crisp morning, well crisp by Queensland standards at 14 degrees when I poked my head out of the Zone at 7am. We put the heating on…I know…only for Tassie of course.

We drove up the range again back to Eungella National Park, laced up our boots and hit the tracks. Immediately we noticed the amount of birds around, with wrens, robins, fantails, whip birds flitting around. The whip bird was right down on the forest floor as we came round a corner of the path, most unusual to see them that close – though he didn’t hang around for a photo, unlike the Grey Fantail, which put on a lovely show for us, and the fruit bats which do little else than hang around (ha ha)…The crisp air made the whole walk so refreshing. We ambled though this rich diversity of plants and animals and felt so relaxed and alive. It’s the simplest things that give us pleasure. As long as Mrs A has her camera and I have my binocs and there’s a bit of wildlife around, all is good with the world. When we first got married and came here 16 years ago, we dreamed of doing longer trips and seeing more of Australia. Well here we are – converting those dreams to memories.Thanks to the people of the Pioneer Valley for making us so welcome and providing such a well kept campground at the Finch Hatton showground. Would thoroughly recommend other travellers come and see for themselves.

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