Saturday 7 April: Biking around Landsborough

Author: Mr A

Location: Landsborough, Sunshine Coast Hinterland Distance cycled: 17km

Rain again last night was pattering on the roof, but checking the weather forecast this morning it looked good for a bike ride. I cooked us a sausage, egg and bacon heart starter, loaded the bikes on the car and we were off.

We drove down into Landsborough and parked just outside of town on the edge of the Dularcha National Park, then headed off into the eucalypt forest. It was a great trail, with a 100 metre old rail tunnel to ride through, then a big push up a hill to find a quagmire of a trail churned up by horses.We retreated and headed back and headed off through town on the bikes to the next ride. This thankfully was a lot drier and we had a great ride round part of the reservoir.The bikes have been so well used on this trip already, I couldn’t imagine doing a trip without them. We love walking, but cycling the bush is just a very different experience. You can cover so much more distance, and there’s the thrill of the ride when its a bit bumpy :). The downside is that we don’t see as much wildlife, especially when I am in front, the big old Surly crashing through. When we are walking I’m not allowed in front as I block the view! We did see a large lace monitor today though – can you spot it up the paperbark gum? Not the best disguise…!

Back at the car and bikes reloaded, we headed back to camp on a different road. Little did we know what an amazing road it would be. Single track in places, very steep, but with these incredible views.This hinterland is really stunning. I can see the attraction in living up here, a little cooler in the evening, plenty of big blocks.

Back at camp it was bike and rider clean up time, then a lovely glass of an old Woodcutters Shiraz (2008) with a Goan chicken curry courtesy of the Anderson Fine Dining Zone (that would be Mrs A).

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