Wednesday 4-Thursday 5 April: It’s rainy in Maleny

Author: Mr A

Location: Stanmore through to Maleny, Queensland

Yes, it’s definitely rainy in Maleny! It has slowed us down, outdoor activities been limited to short walks into town dashing between the showers that are almost constant. We chose to stop here after passing through once before and really liking this little town brimming with cafes, book shops and…the best damm cheese shop this side of the Alps.We were planning a longer stay down by the Glasshouse Mountains, but the only camping option was this rather squelchy field.So we moved on, climbing up through misty rainforest into this beautiful hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast.We were thankful for the V8 of the Cruiser pulling the Zone up these steep hills. We picked a spot at the local showground, power, water and clean toilets for $20 a night – suits us. We wandered up into town through a pretty walkway, and headed for that wonderful cheese shop.Lunch was very civilised, vegan burgers, and a first for me trying a turmeric latte to wash it down. It’s that sort of place. Some locally made fudge was dessert, and then we wandered past this little brewery. We just had to didn’t we.Back to the Zone then for a quiet afternoon cosied up with Tassie and Netflix downloads, with the rain justifying this lazy behaviour by lashing down every time we contemplated going for a walk.

Thursday: Today dawned grey again, so no rushing about I can tell you. It was pots of tea and a very happy cat. We did dedicate a couple of hours to planning the next phase of our trip.

Finally we dragged ourselves out for a drive in the rain, planning to walk if the rain held, but that morphed into a circuit drive and finding ourselves back at the van listening to the rain via a quick trip to the local barber shop.

We braved the showers and walked into town again…oh we find ourselves at the brewery again …better stop. I spy pickled eggs on the menu – heavenly with a beer.

It was round the corner then for a curry. Sadly we were very disappointed with the food and service. Ah well can’t win them all. Time to move on tomorrow.

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