Wednesday 28th March: Biking and paddling around Wooli

Author: Mr A

Location: Wooli, NSW

It really is a dreamy sort of place, well when the fishermen are not bombing past our caravan trying to shave seconds of their entry to the water time. Other than that very peaceful. Looking forward to getting off the grid a bit more in a few weeks time when we are up in Queensland.

Tassie decided with the sun shining she was inspired to take some outdoor time, her tunnel providing the necessary hidey hole.We headed out for a paddle this morning, unfortunately just as the wind picked up so it was a pretty short one. We headed across the Wooli Wooli river (so good they named it twice?) right from our caravan, then headed along the opposite shore towards the ocean. Beautiful paperbarks and mangroves lined the edge, twisted into incredible shapes.Massive sand dunes towered over us, framing a beautiful contrast with the blue water. Love these little packrafts to enable us to get out here on the water.

Miss T again decided she would grasp some fresh air, she seems to really like the artificial grass we have on our site, don’t blame her so do we! Looks like grass, feels like carpet, doesn’t need watering or weeding. Her exploration didn’t last long as a flock of noisy minor birds spotted her and descended to squark and dive bomb her – more than enough to send a shy blue Burmese back into hiding!

The afternoon saw us out on the bikes for a quick spin along some of the same trails as yesterday, and they were equally gorgeous. We attempted to ride back along the beach but the incoming tide and soft sand defeated that plan. So it was a quick rest stop at the Wooli Hotel for cold one before retuning to the Zone, just 11km under our belts. A happy hour was spent trying to get our plumbing sorted, with limited success, so we have a pretty measly dribble of water unfortunately. Hoping this will get sorted at Zone when we go for the service in a couple of weeks.

A pre-dinner drink was called for, and I dug deep in the Zone cellar and produced this beauty that we have carried round for a while.

It was given to us by a friend (Steve Shipley) who was moving abroad and having a bit of clear out. This bottle is from the vineyard he lives on in the Hunter. It really demonstrates its 13 year old age in that deep burgundy colour that a classic Hunter Shiraz should show. Also note the Weber all prepped and ready for action – it’s chicken fajitas tonight. The chillis we were given from a farm stay near Eden are absolute rip snorters (technical culinary term) and really fire up the dish…that’s the sunset below, not the result of the spicy dish!

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