Monday 26 March: Exploring Wooli

Author: Mr A

Location: Wooli, NSW

We said some fond farewells this morning to our fellow Zoners and headed up the coast to the small settlement of Wooli, nestled between the vast coastal stretch of the Yuraygir National Park and Australia’s first marine park, the Solitary Island Marine Reserve.

The 500 or so permanent residents of Wooli live on a narrow isthmus, with the river on one side and ocean on the other. The houses were all impressively well kept, many advertising holiday rentals as the town swells to many thousands in the school holidays.Our caravan park wasn’t anything to rave about, we are about a metre from a road, albeit not a busy one, but once the privacy screens were up it felt a little better. Sadly we then got the news that our friends have had to say goodbye to their cat today. We knew it was coming but still it will be a tough time for them. We have so enjoyed sharing the joy with them that our respective feline fur children have brought us. Happiness is fragile.

So off we went for our usual bike based exploration of our new surrounds. We headed down to the end of the conveniently located cycle path running by our park and there we saw where the river met the ocean. It was magnificent, and we were so grateful for the tip to come here from our friends Rosemary and Richard. We road back through town and out into the national park along a sandy track. The bird life was prolific, a black shouldered kite soared overhead and a noisy friarbird made…well noisy noises.

We rode past an oyster farm shop, sadly closed but we will be back in the morning, in fact I am likely be clawing at the door pretty early – it has been a while.

Unfortunately this evenings’ showers were a dismal affair as our water system seems to be playing up again providing us with very poor pressure…last time we fixed it with a new water filter, but that was only a few weeks ago. I doubt it is that causing the problem. Mrs A’s dinner was a real hit though, zucchini spaghetti with a spicy vegetable sauce. Very few calories and absolutely delicious.

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