Saturday 17 February – It’s a double Mirage…doubled

Author: Mr A

Location: Lake Tabourie

Today was an auspicious occasion as we finally managed to get on the water with our friends who also have a double Mirage kayak. But first there was black pudding to be barbecued, eggs, and bacon completing the breakfast of champion paddlers.

The next job was to get the 7.3 metre beasts into the water, down a rather slippy bank which predictably I slid down with all the grace of crazed bull. Dan gave me that special sympathetic look he does so well. He of course manages to nimbly jump in, all six foot 2 of him. And we are off, paddles glinting in the sun, sleek hulls cutting through the water, what a couple of doubles.It was a short paddle down the creek to where it nearly flowed into the ocean, only being prevented by a spit of stunning white sand. A quick look around and we were off again, with the wind behind us it was time to tease Dan and Michelle with a glide past under wind power, only because they didn’t have one. Finding a piece of equipment that Dan doesn’t have is quite a feat. We are brothers from a different mother.

The bird life was prolific again today with several sightings of azure kingfishers flitting around, spoonbills and egrets fishing for lunch and a sea eagle soaring above us.We paddled up stream a few kilometers then turned round and headed back to camp for a lazy afternoon punctuated regularly by snacks and drinks. The “Prawn Man” (guess what he sells) turned up to tempt us with fresh Clyde river oysters and Queensland prawns.Which of course were served up with a superb Margaret River Brash Vineyard Sancerre style Sauvignon Blanc.

We finished off the day with a delicious Mexican dish cooked up by Mich (accompanied by manservant Dan) and some great wines, topping off a fabulous day.

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