Thursday 15 February: Tabourie Lake

Author: Mr A

Location: Tabourie Lake, just south of Ulladulla, NSW

It was time to leave our riverside spot in Jervis Bay and move to…a riverside spot by Tabourie Creek. Pretty good life we have, I know.

It was only an hour’s drive down the coast so we were checking in before lunch at Lake Tabourie Caravan Park. Unfortunately the young lady checking us us in seemed to have had a courtesy bypass operation, insisting in a very strident voice that we couldn’t have mentioned we had a cat as we were booked into the pet free area. I recounted again that we had mentioned this when booking and suggested she should calm down. We were moved to a pet friendly area and spent the next 10 minutes driving round their very large park trying to find our site. Not a helpful map – they have left off the street names. When we finally found it we were delighted though, a huge grassy site still quite close to the river.

We decided to try out our borrowed screen room (thank you Jenny and David), not that there were any flies, but we wanted to get Tassie used to it. The idea is she can be outside with us but secure from any dogs who might take a dislike – despite the fact that they should all be leashed, they often aren’t. It worked exceedingly well with Miss Mania, as we call her, joining us for tea and a read – well, we read she eyed up the neighbour’s dog a little warily! She definitely likes it here more than the previous location – she was very clear with her feelings as we drove down the coast, tearing up the Jervis Bay campground map!It was bed sheets and clothes washing today, blustery and sunny, ideal conditions, in fact so windy Catherine nearly took off with the sheets. While they dried we headed off on the bikes for our customary exploration of our surroundings. A big thumbs up, we have riverside, beachside, surfside, the lot.

(Below: Mrs A overlooking Crampton Island)(Below: one of the many jellyfish we spotted in the creek) Superb surroundings, and looking forward to sharing them with our friends Michelle and Dan who arrive tomorrow night for the weekend, complete with their double kayak matching ours.

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