Day 164: 10 November – A clean up day

Author: Mr A

Location: Port Lincoln Tourist Park

It’s not all shark diving and/or relaxing on this trip you know. Some days you just have to buckle down and clean up. Today it was time for the very dusty truck and the Zone to get a spruce up. Mrs A even managing to look glamorous with a mop in her hand posing on the roof. Why aren’t I up there you might ask? Well…we decided not to get the ladder fitted to the rear of the Zone (mistake), so the only way we have worked out to get up and clean the solar panels, is for the dinky Mrs A to sneak up through the skylight. 

We had new neighbours pull up in their motor home today, and out on a lead comes another Burmese, cool as you like!  They have been travelling with prince Simba since leaving Sydney in May, and it was great to swap stories over a few glasses about life on the road serving our respective furry masters. 

A final look around the neighbourhood on foot completed the afternoon. A very picturesque location.

For dinner I cooked up a bit of storm on the BBQ. None of that fancy foreign spiced up food on my barby 🙂 

Nothing wrong with meat and three veg you know! All this was washed down with a bottle of Mudhouse Pinot from Central Otago, awesome. Tomorrow we leave Port Lincoln and head for oyster heaven at Coffin Bay – mmmmmm. 

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