Day 76: 13 August  – “And that sounds like rain…”

Author: Mr A

We woke to the sounds of rain splattering on our dusty roof, hopefully it will clean up those solar panels! It wasn't a rush out of bed sort of day, but when we did we wandered out for lunch amongst the banana trees. Now I've never eaten lunch on a banana plantation, but I did think a banana smoothie might be the right way to start…and it was…delicious.

We drove around these small local farm shops picking up fresh veg, it was all so shiny and obviously right out of the ground. Tonight Mrs A's pad thai was full of these crunchy veg and herbs….OMG amazing. Such a lovely sweet and sour type of taste she conjures up. A good old Taylor's Shiraz from the Clare did us proud alongside those robust flavours. 

Not much else to report today. We showed some lovely folk who were staying on the caravan park around the van. They were interested in what the "Best Off-road Van of the Year" looked like from the inside. Splendid of course :) 

So, our fridge is bursting with fresh veg, our water tanks are all topped up, we are ready to hit the road in the morning…Ye hah. We are leaving the coast and heading for the hills. The Kennedy Range here we come. 

2 Replies to “Day 76: 13 August  – “And that sounds like rain…””

  1. I know I am not the first one amazed by the colour of your hair Catherine…I don’t think I’ve ever seen that phenomenon before….
    But it looks great for a change!

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