Day 74: 11 August – Pavements and everything

Author: Mr A

From: 14 Mile Beach

To: Carnarvon

Distance driven: 196 km

Distance cycled: 18 km

We dragged ourselves away from our perfect little paradise and hit the road south to Carnarvon. It was quite exciting going to a town, our first one since Broome a couple of months ago. 

Our caravan site is….what caravan sites usually are…cramped and functional. We do our washing (we have managed to fix the washing machine with some help from Zone RV and our air compressor….don’t ask), we charge a few things that need 240v (not much, USB rules in our van), and head into town. There is a cycle way! Pavements! Traffic lights (ok, not really…but roundabouts!)! Mitre 10! A choice of petrol stations….wow. We’re a bit over awed. 

The town is actually quite appealing to us becuase it actually looks real rather than constructed purely for the extraction of the tourist dollar. We cycled in and followed the foreshore round to port. It was packed with hulking, real, working fishing boats….no tour operators, no tour buses, just a couple of sea food joints as the only place you could spend your money. What a change from every settlement since Kunnanurra down through the Kimberley and the Coral Coast. 

A beer was definitely called for, it was Friday arvo, and then we headed back to the van park and the production of a fine chicken Rogan Josh by Mrs A. Sadly the wine choice for the evening purchased from BWS in Port Headland was a shocker. If you see a Shiraz called “The Accomplice” smartly step away from the bottle. Yuck!

So we have wifi from the van park, its appallingly slow of course, but we do live in the lucky country….cough….to have the 52nd slowest broadband in the world. We switch to our mobile plan as its faster,  until it runs out. Ah Australia…if we were in Thailand, Kenya, Estonia or Bulgaria, then we would be better served by our internet providers. How did we get to this position? 

It’s weird going to bed hearing traffic noise tonight….

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