Day 48: 16 July – Biking the beach

Author: Mr A

Distance cycled: 22km

Today we hit the beach – on bikes –  we wanted see how far we could get while the 6 metre tide (yes that’s big) was out. It turns out 11km down the beach before we had to dash back as the tide turned and raced in over all the hard sand. 

It was awesome – we soon left behind the walkers, and then the drivers (yes cars allowed on the beach) and we were the only people for miles. The only footprints (and tyre prints) were ours and the birds’. Brilliant. Riding a bike always makes me smile  – let alone riding along a perfect beach with a blue sky and nothing in the diary….except getting back for the lamb roast that the park was laying on tonight.

We got back early afternoon and pottered around, Mrs A painting and me trying to extract some more red dust from the truck. It was soon roast o’clock and up we went to the canteen. The average age is probably mid/late 60s in this park, and I was struck again by what a great time these people are having. Sharing drinks with friends old and new. Recounting their adventures on the road. No wonder the caravan industry is going through such a boom. There’s just not enough parks to cope with the swelling numbers of people who chose this lifestyle over staying in their relatively cold home turf over the winter. 

Every day here in northern WA you know the sun is going to shine and it will be 27-30 degrees. We are in no rush to head south, so we have just booked an extra night here. We could only get an unpowered site but our solar panels are re-charging everything during the day, and almost all of our stuff now is USB chargeable on 12v – even the toothbrush :). 

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