27 June: Brač Island: another gem in this beautiful Dalmatian coastline

Author: Mr A

Location: Brač, Croatia

The more we wander around these Dalmatian islands the more we fall in love. The scenery is just outrageously stunning and the people so lovely. Cycling, as always, we think the best way to see it, and Sailing Croatia, our tour company, has done an excellent job of showcasing it for us.

Brač is largest island in the Adriatic and lies just 14 km offshore from the city of Split, so its pretty easy to access with regular car ferries. We motored off early from Viz and watched the coastline unfold as our ship cut through the glassy blue water. The island of Brač appeared on the horizon and its large harbour at Milna, with over 200 moorings catering for maritime tourism, was soon welcoming us into a berth on the main jetty a short walk from centre of town. Unfortunately during our breakfast briefing one of our friends was taken ill and carted off in an ambulance. All very distressing, but the good news is that he was back with us in the evening.

Pretty Milna harbour

We headed off after lunch for another 23km circuit ride taking in a number of small villages scattered around the coast. We are going to miss the camaraderie of these rides, its a big group to manage on the road, but the Sail Croatia team is so professional and safety conscious, the rides have happened without incident. I think it also helps that we have a number of very experienced riders in the group who understand how to ride safely in a peloton, and are setting an example for the rest of us who don’t.

The heat was pretty intense, with mid 30s temperatures making it tough going for the riders without “pedal assist” powering them up.

Fabulous views along our cycle
Wild scented jasmine along our cycle
The harbour at Sutivan where we have a water break

The evening was the the BBQ night, and once again the Sail Croatia crew did an outstanding job of the cooking, serving and management of the ship. What a great bunch of folk, and we will miss them when we move on. I hope we have been an easy group to manage, they work 7 days a week and would I’m sure get some more difficult customers than us on the “party cruises” from what we have seen.

Lovely Rosa, our chef for the week
BBQ food is out…Mr A tucks in…
Tim, Deb. Paul, Glen, Michelle, Tracie and Lisa
Mrs A was also there!
Sun setting
Mr A reads out a poem to the crew
Sun keeps going down
H, our cycle guide with the unpronouncable name, is invited to sing
Much laughter from Sarah-Jane
A bemused Dave
Tom is performing passionately
Much more laughter ensues
And the sun sets on our second to last night on the cruise