Our Zone

Those of you who have not seen our mobile apartment have expressed some interest in knowing more about it, so here are the facts:

Manufacturer: Zone RV

Build number:  44

Official size: 18 foot 6 inches

Total towed length (including extended towbar): 8 metres

Weight (before Mr A’s clothes, food, water and toys): 2.6 tonnes

Weight (after Mr A’s clothes, food, water and toys): a lot more!

This is how it looks from the outside – looking towards our front door. We have an awning above this side which pulls out in a couple of minutes, plus a drop down picnic table/bar.  There are outdoor speakers so we can Bluetooth our music, plus an external point for us to plug our TV into, should we so wish.

Inside, here is our bedroom – a slightly larger than queen bed, with his and hers wardrobes either side and more storage above. There is extensive storage underneath the bed.  You might also note our TV which is also a DVD player and can connect to the laptop should we wish to stream from there..

This is looking into the kitchen/dining area – we have air conditioning above, a full oven, four burner stove (one of which is electric, three gas), and a full fridge-freezer.

And finally our bathroom. We have a chemical-free toilet, a 2kg washing machine, and a large shower. His and hers drawers for our bits and pieces.

What would we do differently given the choice?

Not too much – we are very happy with how everything is set up. Just a couple of things…

External ladder: We are now organising for a ladder to be retrofitted to help us reach the roof (so we can more easily clean the solar panels) – we originally rejected that, seeing it as a risk of temptation for local school kids to climb on when it is stored down the road…but now realise it is more benefit than problem.

4kg washing machine: After experiencing a wash come out from a campground washing machine dirtier than when it went in, we are now preferring to do all our washing in our own machine…the 2kg machine is great, but it is slow going when you have a lot of washing (eg when washing bedsheets it will do one sheet and one pillow case at a time)…we have met others who got a larger machine fitted, and this seems like a great idea now!

Wheels: Having now experienced a couple of punctures (one on the car and one on the caravan), we would in retrospect have chosen wheels which are interchangeable with the car, meaning we would be carrying sufficient spares.

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  1. Hi guys we met you briefly at Port Macquarie , we own a 20.6 Zone and discussed some Zone problems. We want to have a bypass to our grey water tank done and I think you said you had yours done(or were planning to have it done ) by RVGO (?) in Terry Hills. Just wondered how it went? Enjoying your blog. Cheers Tony Williams

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